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ENDEVOR was founded in 2002 as an industrial maintenance company, especially in plastics injection machinery. In the same year, it began collaborating with plastic injection mold manufacturing and repair companies.

In 2004; ENDEVOR starts working with HP Pelzer Spain companies, repairing and maintaining mold and die maintenance.

In the following years ENDEVOR was consolidated as a special and precision welding company, collaborating with the main mold construction companies in Zaragoza, as well as in the repair of molds and dies of various manufacturers of automotive components.

In 2011; ENDEVOR takes hold in the automotive sector by working closely with one of the largest manufacturers of automotive molds, dies and cutters, Persico, carrying out start-ups of its new products, as well as repairs and modifications of the molds and dies that are in manufacture.

Based on the experience of our workshop technicians, we have realized the need in the industrial world of a generalist distributor of material of all kinds for use at an industrial and professional level, but with the possibility of receiving specialized advice for its use and installation.

From there was born ENDEVORONLINE.COM,an online store for both individuals and professionals of the highest level, with ambition to have the most varied material that any specialist may need, and with the advice of use and installation of our specialists.

ENDEVORONLINE.COM is distinguished from the other online stores by the fact that we have a large team of professionals with very varied specialties who can advise you on which material is best for the activity you want to develop.

Do not hesitate to contact our technical advisors via our email info@endevoronline.com !



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