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Welding machines FRONIUS

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Welding machines FRONIUS

FRONIUS has a wide range of welding equipment,of the highest quality and always in constant innovation.

To help the welding professional be more efficient at day-to-day work.

And the sporadic and in-experiencewelder, with technology, making the welding process adapt to its speed, so that it has a professional bead left.


- MMA or Electrode Welding Machine FRONIUS,

convertible also to Tig by changing the torch.

- MIG MAG welding machine FRONIUS

- Multi-process welding machine FRONIUS,

a machine for places where a weld is usually used, but others can be used, changed from MMA or Electrode, to Mig-Mag and to Tig, a multipurpose machine.

- TIG welding machine FRONIUS,

both for steels with AC technology, as well as for aluminum in their large models of AC/DC machines.

- MMA or Electrode or Tig battery welding machine FRONIUS,

a machine designed for high-altitude work, hard-to-reach sites or where we don't have a power source nearby, very useful for making emergency repairs in complicated places, p.g. in the middle of the countryside, on a farm, on a roof, etc.


Currently we can only serve the machines we have in stock.



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